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The Truth about Neoliberalism

6:45pm, Thursday 27 June 2013, Please email if you would like to attend.

Recording of the discussion:

Is there a powerful neoliberal current intent on pursuing austerity in western societies? Many self-identified liberals and leftists insist this is the case. The first step in tackling this question is to probe more deeply into the meaning of “neoliberalism”. Too often it is assumed to refer simply to an ideological commitment to the free market. This discussion will probe the topic more deeply.


1. What are the main components of the neoliberal worldview?
2. To what extent is neoliberalism a break from earlier forms of liberalism?
3. What is the significance of the German /Austrian strand of neoliberalism?
4. How has the influence of neoliberalism changed since the 1970s?


Daniel Ben-Ami, author, Ferraris for All, will introduce a discussion on neoliberalism.


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