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Standing up to supernanny: Parents in the spotlight

2:00pm, Sunday 21 March 2010, Christ Church, Oxford

The Battle for Politics

9:30am, Saturday 20 March 2010, Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AB

Safeguarding Conference

12:00pm, Tuesday 2 March 2010, Wiltshire Council

This half-day conference for people working in the area of safeguarding in Wiltshire will scrutinise key issues in the sector. Produced by leading think-tank the Institute of Ideas, the conference is designed to provoke innovative thinking and open-minded debate around contemporary discussions about safeguarding. Leading thinkers, practitioners and campaigners in the field will deliver short, provocative speeches and engage in panel discussions. However, true to the spirit of the Institute of Ideas, audience participation will be a key aspect of this event. Discussions will be structured to encourage delegates to draw upon their experience and knowledge of the field, challenge the speakers and their own ideas and push back the boundaries of the debate. The conference will not pull any punches, putting ideas and argument centre-stage and tackling cutting-edge debates around safeguarding head on, so over the course of the day delegates can collectively attain a greater understanding of the issues READ MORE

events archive