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‘The Plague’ by Albert Camus

7:00pm, Thursday 30 April, online, via Zoom

David Bowden introduces this online discussion of Camus's classic. READ MORE

Covid-19 and the economy, part one: Germany / developing world

7:00pm, Wednesday 29 April, online, via Zoom

Daniel Ben-Ami and Sabine Beppler-Spahl will introduce our first look at how the pandemic has affected different parts of the world. READ MORE
Join our online debate. READ MORE

Covid-19: how can we escape a coronavirus depression?

7:00pm, Thursday 23 April, online, via Zoom

Join our online panel discussion on the economic impacts of the pandemic. READ MORE

‘Animal Farm: a fairy story’, by George Orwell

7:00pm, Thursday 16 April, online, via Zoom

Pedagogy and the corona classroom

7:00pm, Wednesday 15 April, online, via Zoom

Donald Clark and Toby Marshall introduce a discussion on education online during the lockdown. READ MORE

The tragic imagination in poetry

7:00pm, Tuesday 14 April, online, via Zoom video conference

Join us online as Andrew Calcutt introduces the first in a series of discussions, Ask the artist: what makes art 'work'? READ MORE

How will coronavirus affect Johnsonomics?

6:45pm, Wednesday 1 April, via Zoom

Join our discussion online as Phil Mullan looks at the economic plans of the Conservative government - and how recent events change things. READ MORE

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