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The shock of the old: Steven Berkoff’s ‘Greek’

7:00pm, Thursday 28 May, online, via Zoom

Patrick Marmion introduces the third in our series, Ask an Artist. READ MORE

Coming of age in a crisis

7:00pm, Wednesday 27 May, online, via Zoom

Join us for this discussion on the future for 'Gen Z' after the pandemic. READ MORE

Back to school: safety versus public service?

7:00pm, Tuesday 26 May, online, via Zoom

Join the AoI Education Forum via Zoom for this important debate on how we can get education going again. READ MORE

Democracy vs technocracy: how much should we listen to experts?

7:00pm, Thursday 21 May, online, via Zoom

With expertise under the spotlight more than ever during the pandemic, join us for this live online debate. READ MORE

‘Machines Like Me’, by Ian McEwan

7:00pm, Tuesday 19 May, online, via Zoom

Max Sanderson introduces the discussion on this provocative new book. READ MORE

Covid-19 and the economy, part three: the USA

7:00pm, Wednesday 13 May, online, via Zoom

Join us as James Matthews introduces the latest in our series examining the effect of the pandemic and government responses on the world economy. READ MORE

The novel lives!

7:00pm, Tuesday 12 May, online, via Zoom

In the second of the 'Ask the Artist' series, novelist Kate Abley discusses the novel that inspired her. READ MORE

Covid-19 and the economy, part two: China

7:00pm, Wednesday 6 May, online, via Zoom

Austin Williams and James Woudhuysen introduce the second in our series of special discussions. READ MORE

Is it time to reopen our schools?

7:00pm, Tuesday 5 May, online, via Zoom

Join our online debate as two educators discuss the pros and cons of getting back to the classroom. READ MORE

events archive