Friday 9 June 2017, Rob Lyons

Podcast of Ideas: the morning after Election 2017

The team give their first impressions on the results.

Rob Lyons is joined by Alastair Donald, Claire Fox and Geoff Kidder to discuss the surprise result in the General Election.

Having started the campaign with an overall majority, the Conservatives ended up eight short, with 42.4 per cent of the vote. Labour have 261 seats from 40 per cent of the vote. The biggest losers of the night were the SNP, who lost 21 of their 56 seats. The Conservatives will now form a minority government supported by the Democratic Unionists. That will allow them to present a Queen’s Speech and a Budget, but just how stable that arrangement will be is anyone’s guess. And the fact that May’s attempt to secure a stronger mandate has failed could have implications for the Brexit negotiations, which are due to start in 10 days time.

Why did May’s gamble fail? What’s behind Labour’s relative success? What does the SNP’s decline mean for Scottish independence? What does it all mean for Brexit?

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