Thursday 25 May 2017, Rob Lyons

Podcast of Ideas: UK general election - episode 3

The team discuss the reaction to the Manchester bombing, the pause in the election campaign and the Tories' social-care u-turn.

In the latest of our general election podcasts, Adam Rawcliffe is joined by Claire Fox, Jacob Furedi and Jacob Reynolds to discuss the latest developments in the campaign.

After the Manchester bombing, the election campaign has been on hold. But should the debate have stopped for so long? The bombing itself throws up important political questions about security, civil liberties, the Prevent strategy and the appeal of Islamism to young people in Britain. Isn’t a general election campaign the perfect moment to discuss these issues?

The biggest event in the campaign so far has been the launch of the Conservatives’ manifesto and the rapid retreat from a new policy on social care that would make those in need pay for their own care if they have assets of £100,000 or more. After saying there would be no cap on how much someone might end up paying, Theresa May then announced a cap would be applied, although she did not say at what level it would be. What does this say about the Tories’ political ideas and May’s claims about ‘strong and stable’ leadership?

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