Friday 28 August 2015, Rossa Minogue

Podcast of Ideas 15

US shootings, migrant crisis, robot wars and the UK education system.

In this week’s Podcast of Ideas, Rob Lyons, Claire Fox and David Bowden discuss the murder of two journalists on live television by a disgruntled former colleague in the United States, and the latest tragic events in the ongoing European migration crisis. Rob talks to Martyn Perks about the growing fears about the role of artificial intelligence and robots in society in everything from manufacturing to warfare, and why a machine could never become truly human, ahead of his session at the upcoming Battle of Ideas session titled Man vs machine: who controls the robots?. And after the release of this year’s GCSE results, Philip Walters comes in to discuss the state of education in the UK and whether exams for 16-year-olds are necessary any more.   

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Battle of Ideas 2015

9:30am, Saturday 17 October 2015, The Barbican, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

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