Tuesday 3 March 2015, David Bowden

Immanuel Kant and the purity of subjective expression

Listen to Roger Scruton's lecture at The Academy 2012 - and get your Early Bird ticket for The Academy 2015.

There is only one day left to buy Early Bird tickets for the IoI’s residential summer Academy, taking place 18-20 July at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire. Early Birds not only make a substantial saving on tickets, but they get a head start on choosing whether they want to focus on classics, history or literature strands as we grapple with the Academy’s overall theme for 2015: the public.

When the IoI launched The Academy in 2011, we set ourselves a challenge: to spend a long weekend doing nothing but educating ourselves in the tradition of some of humanity’s most important thinkers. Over the ensuing years we’ve discovered we’re far from alone in wanting to discover ‘university as it should be’, with 200 people from all kinds of background joining us annually to explore big ideas in good company.

We’ve also been delighted to welcome some great guides, with many genuinely world-leading lecturers joining us each year to offer us the benefit of their expertise. One particular highlight was a 2012 plenary given by philosopher Professor Roger Scruton on ‘Immanuel Kant and the purity of subjective expression’. Scruton begins by announcing he had never before attempted to condense Kant’s writings into such a short time-frame: several years later, Scruton’s lucid and clear account of the central importance of Kantian ethics remains a frequent reference point for many Academy attendees at the weekend and beyond. Fortunately you can now listen to the lecture on podcast below:

Scruton’s lecture was one of many highlights that we are making available as part of our new podcast series. Yet it can only give you a small flavour of a challenging and inspiring weekend of discussion with many others in the atmosphere of open intellectual inquiry the Academy seeks to cultivate.

Why delay? Check out the full programme for yourself and seize your final chance to make a significant saving. And get reading!

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