Keep gender-identity ideology out of schools

A primary school encouraging boys to wear skirts shows how trans thinking has seeped into schools, writes Gareth Sturdy in Spiked.

…equality between the sexes is not the main motivation of those calling for boys to wear skirts at places like Castleview. Rather, some trans activists have realised that they can use uniforms as part of their campaigning. For them, having boys wear skirts is a way of normalising the idea that gender is a social construct and a matter of personal choice.

You can see the appeal of schools, especially primary schools, to trans activists. Kids trust the adults standing in front of them in their classrooms. They believe that what the adults are telling them is truth, not opinion. At primary-school age, they have little to no capacity to take on board high-concept thinking and debate about gender stereotyping. They simply take it all in as gospel…

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