Members-only event: May 2024

An exclusive discussion for our Academy of Ideas associates and paid Substack subscribers. Join now to take part.

Academy of Ideas supporters and Substack subscribers come from all over the country – and the world. In a new initiative, we want to bring everyone together, so are launching a series of quarterly off-the-record discussions exclusively for our supporters.

We couldn’t do all our work without the support of those who put their hands in their pockets and fund us. If you’re not already an associate member, you can join from as little as £35 per year. Visit our support page to join. Alternatively, you can become a paid subscriber to our Substack.

This is a great opportunity to both help us continue and expand our work, whilst giving you an inside track on our plans for the rest of the year.

Our first discussion will take place on Wednesday 29 May, at 7pm (UK), via Zoom. The first part of the discussion will feature a Q&A with Academy of Ideas director Claire Fox. She will also give an exclusive preview of our plans for the Battle of Ideas festival 2024, which takes place in London on 19 & 20 October. In the second part of the discussion, we will hear from two special international guest speakers.

To make sure you get the login details, please email Geoff Kidder ( to reserve a place.