What happens next in American politics? Have voters really given up on politicians and the political system more widely? Is there any possibility of the country rallying around the president or is politics simply hopelessly divided? Is America’s position as the leading global power under threat and what impact will this have on the elections? What is needed to inject political direction into the 2020 elections?

Sohrab Ahmari
op-ed editor, New York Post; contributing editor, the Catholic Herald; author, The Unbroken Thread: discovering the wisdom of tradition in an age of chaos (forthcoming).

Dr Richard Johnson
lecturer in US politics, Lancaster University; regular media commentator; researcher on links between racial equality and democratic development in the United States; author of The End of the Second Reconstruction: Obama, Trump, and the crisis of civil rights (Polity, 2020)

Wendy Kaminer
lawyer, social critic and writer about law, liberty, feminism, religion and popular culture; books include Worst Instincts: Cowardice, Conformity & the ACLU and Free for All: defending liberty in America today; signatory, ‘A Letter on Justice and Open Debate’, published in Harper’s Magazine

Helen Searls
chief operating officer living and working in Washington, Feature Story News (FSN); director, FSN’s worldwide operations, overseeing its US and international bureaus

Michael Tracey
journalist based in New York City; writer on US politics for numerous publications including, VICE, The Daily Beast, The American Conservative, and the Guardian