Ella Whelan argues that the fight for women’s freedom is being thwarted by a focus on safety and protection. She argues that if we give in to the idea that women are always unable to handle their affairs and personal relationships on their own, we damage the idea that women are able to make free and rational choices about their lives. From abortion rights to changing the behaviours of sexist men, she argues that only through taking on the challenge of living freedom – accepting responsibility for our actions, whether they turn out to become triumphs or mistakes – will women achieve real freedom.

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Ella Whelan is a freelance journalist, commentator and author of What Women Want: fun, freedom and an end to feminism. She regularly appears on TV and radio, and writes for a wide range of publications. She is a columnist at spiked and one third of the weekly spiked podcast. Ella is the co-convenor of the Battle of Ideas festival and commissioning editor of Letters on Liberty.