Jon Bryan

Jon Bryan argues that a crackdown on gambling should worry us all, as our liberties could easily be fluttered away by politicians and pundits alike. Whether you are a fan of the slot machine or not, the freedom to spend our money as we see fit is worth defending – such powers should not be granted to the state, or to a third party acting on the state’s behalf. He argues that re-asserting the ability of individuals to make their own choices, and to have the capacity to do so whatever the consequences, is vital in our defence of freedom.

Letters on Liberty: The freedom to gamble

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Jon Bryan lives with his family in Newcastle upon Tyne. He is a recreational poker player who began writing about gambling to challenge the one-sided narrative in the debate. Jon has written for online publications and websites including spiked, Gambling Insider, The Great Debate, Future Cities Project and Slots Hawk. He has been involved in discussions on TV and podcasts and spoke about gambling at the online Babbleon in December 2020, organised by WORLDwrite.

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