Roslyn Fuller examines the contemporary problem of narcissism, and why an individualistic outlook on life is a barrier to progress. From the culture of offence-taking to the cult of vulnerability, she argues that the narcissistic outlook has been allowed to grow unchallenged. Crucially, she argues, we must push back on the infantilising influence of our narcissistic age, and rediscover what trust, liberty and democracy really mean.

Roslyn Fuller is the managing director of the Solonian Democracy Institute. In addition to her academic work on topics ranging from the laws of war to information management, she is the author of five books, including Beasts and Gods: how democracy changed its meaning and lost its purpose (nominated for the Orwell Prize and shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize) and In Defence of Democracy. She frequently contributes on law, politics and technology, including for the BBC, Financial Times, Nation, Irish Times and Los Angeles Review of Books.