Cabaret tour-de-force and drag queen Vanity von Glow explores the beauty and power of the drag performance. The true sorcery of drag is the magical way a drag queen can get away with murder on stage, she argues. As well as the pomp and performance of the show, the power of drag has far more to do with who the artists are, and what they say. By showing people that supposed identities, social structures, norms, attire and hierarchies can be shuffled around, Vanity argues, drag queens put people in touch with braver, more creative versions of themselves.

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Internationally ignored superstar Vanity von Glow is a live performance tour de force who has caused a sensation around the UK and Europe for 15 years. Her current shows, Drag Queen Wine Tasting and Drag Queen Power Ballads, have entertained thousands of cabaret enthusiasts. She has performed at Comedy Unleashed, selling out solo shows at the Camden Underworld, Zebrano Soho and hClub Covent Garden, as well as the stages of techno dungeons and sex clubs in Berlin. Vanity’s podcast – The Vanity Project – features high-profile interviews, and she is a frequent contributor to public discussions around drag entertainment and freedom of speech.

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