Battle for the classroom: education or indoctrination?

Saturday 25 November 2023
SPEAKERS: Penny Lewis, Agnes Snow, Ruth Wareham, Clive Wright

Schools: the great expulsion debate

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Dave Clements, Michael Merrick, Stella O’Malley, Dr Tony Sewell CBE

Ofsted: cruel judgement or making schools accountable?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Jason Ashley, Louise Burton, Dr Sean Lang, Martin Robinson

Bookshop Barnie with Peter Hitchens: A Revolution Betrayed

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Peter Hitchens

Should schools teach social justice?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Dr Debbie Hayton, Eric Kaufmann, Michael Merrick, Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

Revitalising free speech on campus: Living Freedom and Speak Easy

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Jack Barwell, Felice Basbøll, Emma Cabezaolias, Ella Nixon

ChatGPT: cheating or a new tool for learning?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Dr Catherine Breslin, Donald Clark, Omar Mohamed, Gareth Sturdy, Poppy Wood

Marking time: how should lecturers judge students?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Matilda Martin, Dr Vanessa Pupavac, David Swift

Academics building academic freedom from the ground up

Saturday 28 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Dr Firat Cengiz, Dr Ruth Mieschbuehler, Professor Ian Pace

Free speech on campus: should hecklers be banned?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Dennis Hayes, Holly Lawford-Smith, James Orr, Alice Sullivan, James Tooley

Letters on Liberty: in defence of teaching history

Sunday 16 October 2022
SPEAKERS: Tarjinder Gill, Nicolas Kinloch, Dr Robert Pyrah, Kevin Rooney

Infantilisation: the collapse of adult authority?

Saturday 15 October 2022
SPEAKERS: Jessica Butcher MBE, Professor Frank Furedi, Jacob Phillips, Barry Smith, Don Watkins

From HGV drivers to bricklayers: how do we solve the skills crisis?

Sunday 10 October 2021
SPEAKERS: Tom Bewick, Victoria Hewson, Kelvin Hopkins, Rick Moore, Linda Murdoch

What does the Sewell Report mean for education?

Saturday 31 July 2021
SPEAKERS: Kunle Olulode, Zara Qureshi, Dr Tony Sewell CBE, James Tooley, Professor Patrick Vernon OBE

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