From debanking to Bud Light: the rights and wrongs of ESG

Saturday 25 November 2023
SPEAKERS: Joan Mulvenna, Professor David Paton, Hilary Salt, Barry Wall

Net zero: can the economy and democracy survive?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Lord David Frost, Rob Lyons, Scarlett Maguire, John McTernan

Capitalism and the working class: a love-hate relationship

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKER: Don Milligan

Reviving economies: Is the state a help or a hindrance?

Sunday 29 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Paul Embery, Matthew Lesh, Ali Miraj, Hilary Salt

From diversity to debanking: is ESG bad for business?

Saturday 28 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Luke Johnson, Catherine McBride, Lesley Smith, Martin Summers, Joanna Williams

Bouncing back or basket case? The state of the UK economy

Saturday 28 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Sam Bowman, William Clouston, Phil Mullan, Vicky Pryce

Rising tensions, falling growth: prospects for the global economy?

Saturday 28 October 2023
SPEAKERS: Liam Halligan, Ivan Krastev, Helen Searls.

Can we fix Britain?

Sunday 16 October 2022
SPEAKERS: Laila Cunningham, Rob Lyons, Claire Pearsall, Martin Wright, Gareth Wyn Jones

Work shy and retiring: have we fallen out of love with work?

Sunday 16 October 2022
SPEAKERS: Brian Denny, Simon Hoppe, Linda Murdoch, Angelica Walker-Werth, Dr Glynne Williams

Why Bitcoin matters for freedom in a digital age

Sunday 16 October 2022
SPEAKER: Allen Farrington

Is levelling up really levelling down? The great inequality debate

Sunday 10 October 2021
SPEAKERS: Hilary Salt, Don Watkins

From HGV drivers to bricklayers: how do we solve the skills crisis?

Sunday 10 October 2021
SPEAKERS: Tom Bewick, Victoria Hewson, Kelvin Hopkins, Rick Moore, Linda Murdoch

From profits to prophets: why has big business gone woke?

Saturday 9 October 2021
SPEAKERS: Laura Bierer-Nielsen, Konstantin Kisin, Professor Vicky Pryce, Dr Diane Wei Liang, James Woudhuysen

Battle 2017 Lecture: how do we create an economic renaissance?

Sunday 29 October 2017
SPEAKER: Phil Mullan

The great inequality debate: are the super rich heroes or villains

Saturday 22 October 2016
SPEAKERS: Daniel Ben-Ami, Dia Chakravarty, Paul Lewis, Joris Luyendijk

Can we manufacture a new economy?

Saturday 17 October 2015
SPEAKERS: Frances Coppola, Katie Evans, Phil Mullan, Bauke Schram, Mike Wright

Growth is good: mission or mania?

Sunday 19 October 2014
SPEAKERS: Daniel Ben-Ami, Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva, Mark Littlewood, Kitty Ussher

Business bashing: should corporates ‘care’?

Saturday 18 October 2014
SPEAKERS: Rosalind Searle, Marc Sidwell, Stefan Stern

State vs. market: is there a way forward?

Saturday 19 October 2013
SPEAKERS: Louise Cooper, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Phil Mullan, Dr Andrew Sentance

East Asia: the new global hotspot?

Saturday 19 October 2013
SPEAKERS: Ben Chu, Professor Steve Tsang, James Woudhuysen

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