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Battle of Ideas 2014

Two days of high-level, thought-provoking, public debate organised by the Institute of Ideas.

10:00am, Saturday 18 October 2014, The Barbican, London

80 sessions, 350 speakers, 2000+ attendees

Full information will be available on the Battle of Ideas website. FIND OUT MORE

Sessions in 2014 will include:

Why are we afraid to judge?
From everyday sexism to banning Page 3 - is contemporary feminism banal?
Who owns liberty - Left or Right?
Energy futures - can we keep the lights on?
Should we fear democracy?

Strands in 2014 will include:

School fights - including sessions on faith schools, ‘world class’ education, and the value of exams
Biomedical battles - including sessions on ethics and genetics, public health, and assisted dying
Interrogating megatrends - including sessions on feeding the world, the future of mobility, and smart cities
Austerity dilemmas - including sessions on hunger in the UK, corporations and CSR, and surviving EU bailouts
Defending everyday liberties - including sessions on free speech, CRB checks, and policing the night-time economy

events archive