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A framework for the national curriculum - the Education Forum response

7:00pm, Monday 16 January 2012, If you wish to attend please contact or ring Mark Taylor on 07841733746

The forum will address the pre-Christmas publication of the expert panel review of the national curriculum and the unexpected decision to delay further reform implementation until 2013 - or later.  A panel of education forum regulars will consider the implications of the document - and the delay - for the state of education in the UK.  We hope to address some of the following questions and invite you to bring along others on the evening: what are the implications of the delay for education reform? Does this mean that the Coalition cannot deliver on its stated intentions of improving standards? What does the report actually say is possible?  Do we have a national curriculum anymore?  Do we need a national curriculum anymore? Has anything changed since New Labour?  Where now for state education?


The expert panel review The Framework for the National Curriculum (December 2011) is available at:

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