Thursday 16 July 2015, Rossa Minogue

Podcast: Highlights from our Justice Money Power series

Highlights from the Academy's Justice Money Power debates at the City of London Festival

In this week’s podcast, we here some of the most informative and inspiring speeches from the IoI’s recent Justice, Money and Power debates at the City of London Festival, including Alan Miller, chairman of the Night Time Industry Association, defending the night-time economy as a force for societal good at our Fight For Your Right To Party debate at the Bishopsgate Institute. We also have economist Phil Mullan giving a worrying prognosis for the British economy unless we can stimulate real economic growth at another Bishopgate Institute debate, Are We Heading For Another Crisis? Architect Alastair Donald makes a powerful argument for building huge numbers of new homes across the UK to end the housing crisis in the debate A Tale Of Two Cities: Skyscrapers And Slums at London & Partners. And John Fitzpatrick, professor of law at the University of Kent, gives a history of the development of human liberties since Magna Carta and offers what he thinks should be the next great leap in human freedom at the debate A Twenty-First-Century Magna Carta.

Full recordings of the Justice, Money and Power series will be available for download soon. 

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