Capitalism and the working class: a love-hate relationship

Battle of Ideas festival 2023, Sunday 29 October, Church House, London


We live in contradictory and often confusing times. How do we explain why millions consistently dumbfound and dismay the Left by their love of mass consumption and their acceptance of the logic of commerce – while, at the same time, expressing mass revulsion at inequality, exploitation, unfairness, and greed? Why have so many on the Left embraced identity politics, while showing contempt for ‘Red Wall’ voters and traditional working-class values? And what can young radicals learn about fighting today’s battles from analysing the insights of past activism?

In The Embrace of Capital, Don Milligan recounts and analyses why working people have developed a love-hate relationship with capitalism. What can we learn about the fate of Left-wing politics, from someone who has a long history of radical, social and political activism?

Dr Don Milligan
writer and social commentator; author, The Embrace of Capital

Dr Michael Owens
urban planning consultant and lecturer; author, Play the Game