Last Orders Podcast – live

Battle of Ideas festival 2023, Saturday 28 October, Church House, London


A special live recording of Last Orders, the spiked podcast all about freedom and the nanny state.

This is the show where Christopher Snowdon, from the Institute of Economic Affairs, and Tom Slater, editor of spiked, discuss the latest in modern-day puritanism – from killjoy attempts to clamp down on smoking, drinking, ‘junk food’ and assorted other vices to the never-ending campaign to cleanse speech and culture of anything the least bit offensive.

Patrick Christys
presenter, GB News; former presenter, Drive Time, talkRADIO; former local reporter

Madeline Grant
columnist, assistant comment editor and parliamentary sketchwriter, Telegraph; former editorial manager, Institute of Economic Affairs

Tom Slater
editor, spiked; co-host, spiked podcast and Last Orders

Christopher Snowdon
head of lifestyle economics, Institute of Economic Affairs; editor, Nanny State Index; author, Killjoys