Why ‘British values’, identity politics and activism don’t belong in the classroom

Education isn’t the place for propaganda, notes Toby Marshall in the Education Forum’s column for Teach Secondary magazine – which is why the DfE should take great care when preparing its upcoming guidance on indoctrination…

“…Zahawi will publish new guidance for teachers later this year. If it’s to be effective, however, he must be clear as to the precise meaning of ‘indoctrination’, and be consistent in the approach he advocates. Above all, he must present the issue in a manner acceptable to those who don’t share his party political beliefs.

In this respect, Zahawi must act as a representative of the English state, rather than as a member of the Conservative Party. He should dare to be stridently educational and avoid being narrowly political in his reasoning, focusing instead on our common interests.

Education, after all, belongs to everyone. Going by reports of his intentions thus far, however, we have seen Zahawi primarily express concern over the way in which left wing, anti-racist teachers have been teaching ideas of ‘white privilege’ as fact…”

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