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Friday 31 May 2002 The Internet: Brave New World

Over the last decade, the internet has become part of everyday life. Along with the benefits however, come fears of unbridled hate speech and pornography. More profoundly, perhaps, there is a worry that virtual relationships will replace the real thing, creating a sterile, soulless society. How much is the internet changing the world?

AUTHOR: Editor: Dolan Cummings

Peter Watts: Lecturer in Applied Social Sciences at Christ Church University College
Chris Evans: Lecturer in Multimedia Computing and the founder of Internet Freedom
Ruth Dixon: Deputy Chief Executive of the Internet Watch Foundation
Helene Guldberg and Sandy Starr: Managing Editor and Press Officer at the online publication spiked
Dolan Cummings: Academy of Ideas

PUBLISHER: Hodder & Soughton
SERIES: Debating Matters
ISBN: 0340848413


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