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Friday 30 August 2002 Reality TV: How real is real?

Reality TV has established itself as a major television genre. This is TV of real people, and for real people. But how valid is the claim that these programmes tell us the truth about our lives? Is it better simply to point the camera and let people tell their own stories, or does this approach miss something important? Some argue that it is arrogant for programme makers to impose an interpretation. Others insist that they have a responsibility to bring intelligence and insight to their subject matter. This issue is discussed by contributers from both sides of the debate.

AUTHOR: Editor: Dolan Cummings

Graham Barnfield: Lecturer in Journalism, UEL
Bernard Clark: Documentary film-maker
Christopher Dunkley: Television critic
Victoria Mapplebeck: Documentary film-maker
Dolan Cummings: Academy of Ideas

PUBLISHER: Hodder & Soughton
SERIES: Debating Matters
ISBN: 0340857358


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