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Saturday 1 May 2010 Pledges for Progress

Policy ideas that would make candidates worth voting for; positions that voters should argue and campaign for.

AUTHOR: Academy of Ideas

Party politics no longer seems to be about clear ideological differences, or indeed any kind of substantial debate reflecting competing visions for a better society. Nonetheless, many pressing issues remain unresolved. So though it might be tempting to write off mainstream politics as irrelevant, and to take a ‘none of the above’ position in the coming election, this can only feed the pervasive cynicism about the possibility of social change and progress. History has not gone on standby, but continues to throw up new challenges.

We want to take the opportunity of this election to put each candidate on the spot and ask them to declare where they stand on a range of key questions.

The Academy of Ideas lays down a challenge. Seek out the view of local candidates to the 21 Pledges for Progress. Anyone who answers ‘yes’ to 15 out of 21 deserves consideration for your vote.


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