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Friday 31 May 2002 Nature’s Revenge: Hurricanes, Floods and Climate Change

Politicians and the media rarely miss the opportunity that hurricanes or extensive flooding provide to warn us of the potential dangers of global warming. This is nature's 'wake-up call' we are told and we must adjust our lifestyles. This book brings together scientific experts and social commentators to debate whether we really are seeing 'nature's revenge'.

AUTHOR: Editor: Tony Gilland

Dr Mick Hulme: Executive Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Julian Morris: Director of International Policy Network
Professor Peter Sammonds: researches natural hazards at University College London
Charles Secrett: Exective Director of Friends of the Earth
Tony Gilland: Academy of Ideas

PUBLISHER: Hodder & Soughton
SERIES: Debating Matters
ISBN: 0340848405


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