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Friday 31 May 2002 Art: What is it good for?

Art seems to be more popular and fashionable today than ever before. At the same time, art is changing, and much contemporary work does not fit into categories of the past. Is 'conceptual' work art at all? Should artists learn traditional craft before their work is considered valuable? Can we learn to love art or must we take it or leave it? These questions and more are discussed in six essays from people on different sides of the debate. In this text, contrasting approaches to this topical and contentious question are presented by various specialists on the subject.

AUTHOR: Dolan Cummings (editor)

Pavel Buchler: Research Professor in Art and Design, Manchester Metropolitan University
Aiden Campbell: Writer and Critic
Sacha Craddock: Art critic
Ricardo P. Floodsky: Editor,
David Lee: Editor, The Jackdaw
Andrew McIlroy: Arts policy advisor
Dolan Cummings: Institute Of Ideas

PUBLISHER: Hodder & Soughton
SERIES: Debating Matters
ISBN: 0340848375


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