Education Forum Election Statement

The Education Forum of the Academy of Ideas launched a major Election Education Statement on Monday 19 April 2010


The Education Forum has not produced a manifesto for the election. There are enough of these already. Many are rattle-bags of eccentric initiatives that can only make education worse. Instead, we have written a clear statement of what education is for and what we know about the state of education and, most importantly what we could do better.

Our desire for clarity led us to emphasis throughout the importance of a subject-based curriculum and why it is necessary to be utterly consistent and thorough in arguing for constructing the curriculum around subject knowledge and that teaching means teaching subjects.

Our Statement is addressed to the many thoughtful, concerned parents, teachers and educationalists who are worried about the state of education and ask them to read the statement carefully and see if it makes sense to them. If it does there will be many things they may want to take up with politicians and others. If it does not then we want you to take disagreements up with us.

Dennis Hayes, Shirley Lawes, Toby Marshall, David Perks, Kevin Rooney and Mark Taylor

Download the statement here.

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