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Why a Science Free School?

7:00pm, Monday 14 November 2011, London

To some, free schools offer the chance to wrest the control of the curriculum from government and offer real education for all children.  David Perks believes that his proposal for an East London Science School will do just that (see The school will be entirely unselective and will offer a liberal educational curriculum, something that is now impossible within the state system. There will be no facile ‘two cultures’ art and science divide but science will be at the heart of education. Perks argues that there are no children for whom science is too difficult or ‘boring’ and that without a focus of science we are denying children access to knowledge of the world and themselves.

Do you agree? This education forum provides a unique opportunity to have a real debate about free schools, the curriculum and the role of science education.


David Perks, physics teacher and author of What is science education for? will explain and defend his proposal for a science based free school in conversation with Dennis Hayes, Professor of Education at the University of Derby.

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