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Who really runs the classroom today?

7:00pm, Monday 23 April 2012, London

At a time of widespread confusion about ‘what Ofsted wants’ and ‘what research shows’ among teachers, parents, students and politicians, our April topic is ‘Who really runs the classroom today?’

A few years ago, ‘pupil voice’ and personalisation were all the rage as education shifted to a focus on ‘learning’.  Now, the coalition government has shifted back to ‘teaching’ and seems to favour prescriptive methods like phonics - while they also deal with teacher underperformance.  Yet a central claim of teachers has always been freedom to teach as they wish. Is this autonomy still worth defending? And should it still be the case if the results are not holding up?  Who should really decide what happens in the classroom today - especially when the ‘international evidence’ shows education is better elsewhere?  And now Ofsted are promising to turn up without notice, what happens to the lesson plan?


Secondary school teacher Kevin Rooney will kick off the evening with a short and punchy summary of his ideas on this topic, and this will then be followed by other education forum regulars throwing in their ideas before we open up the session to anyone else in the room!  We hope you can join us in addressing the vital question of who should, could - or would be able to - run the classroom today.

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