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Tony Sewell ‘On Education’

7:00pm, Monday 12 March 2012, If you wish to attend please contact or ring Mark Taylor on 07841733746

Our speaker will be Dr. Tony Sewell who will share his personal thoughts and philosophical ideas ‘On Education’. Tony is the Chair of the Mayor of London’s Education Inquiry which will explore the critical challenges facing London’s primary and secondary schools and examine the key contemporary challenges for education in London. The Inquiry will also make recommendations for practical action to develop London-wide education with key partners including the boroughs, schools and policy-makers.  Details of the inquiry and terms of reference are available here:

Tony is also an education commentator and former teacher who is the CEO of Generating Genius, a charity that has successfully placed children from disadvantaged backgrounds into top universities. Tony has published widely on issues related to race, social justice and emotionally and behaviourally difficult children. He also has experience in the media, writing for Voice and the New Statesman and regularly speaking on radio and television on subjects linked to education and the arts. He has a strong interest in diversity and has conducted research and published several articles on race and education.