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The Changing Face of People

Twinned with Disconnected - the changing role of participation

10:00am, Saturday 3 March 2001, National Portrait Gallery

‘The People’ have entered centre stage. Contemporary culture talks of people’s TV, people’s galleries, people’s policies and people’s peers. New Labour’s advertising campaign thanks and credits the people for voting for change. Focus groups, consultations, panels and polls are cited in discussions on everything from who should manage England’s football team to what kind of news TV should broadcast. From scientists to gallery directors, it seems that everybody wants to listen to us on issues once discussed behind closed doors. Paralleling this trend is a celebration of ordinariness, from politicians boasting of pint-drinking to royalty cleaning toilets and imitating Ali G.

This two-day event will debate the causes and the consequences of the changing face of the people and ask what are the implications of today’s people-centred era?

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