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That Existential Leap: a crime story

7:00pm, Tuesday 19 September 2017, Central London

That Existential Leap: a crime story by Dolan Cummings is the kind of book you just want to be immersed in, hoping it doesn’t end. The two male protagonists, one primarily in New York, one in Scotland, both flawed and engaging, allow the reader a thought-provoking exposure to two minds that stimulate your own existential thoughts as these characters navigate their worlds. Most interesting,

That Existential Leap does not hit you over the head with heady academic philosophy. Rather these young men of working class roots take you into their insights and struggles with just the right amount of intrigue of character and quirky uniqueness without being annoying - a feat not easily attained.

Buy the book from Amazon (UK).


David Bowden
associate fellow, Academy of Ideas