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Technology and art

7:00pm, Monday 25 November 2013, Please email if you would like to attend.

Artists have long had a fascination with machines and modern technology and express this in their work. Contemporary artists and designers use sensational images of machines to comment on sex, consumption, celebrity culture and the environment. Often, the tone is ironic — but often, too, that tone can mask conservative ideas.  But 100 years ago, there was not just an optimistic excitement about all forms of technology, there was a coherent desire to break from previous artistic traditions by experimenting and competing with science and innovation. Dido Powell will compare contemporary art’s treatment of speed and mechanization with that of the early Modernists and consider what it reveals about the contemporary art and design.


Dido Powell is a professional painter whose work is often informed by her experiences of the tropics, and by her wide experience of university lecturing on the history of art. She studied fine art at Leeds University, UK, has executed a large number of international commissions, and has exhibited at the Royal Academy.