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Science, Knowledge and Humanity

7:00pm, Friday 26 October 2001, The New School, New York City

At the beginning of the 21st century human achievement is a cause for celebration - not least in the fields of scientific enquiry and technological application. We live longer, healthier lives than ever before and have unlocked many of the great mysteries of the natural world.

But have we gone too far? Global warming, species extinction, genetic experimentation and the unexpected side effects of agricultural technology, to name but a few, are recurrent themes in newspaper headlines - and in our nightmares.
Do the complexities of the natural world demand a more precautionary approach, or are we exaggerating uncertainties for fear of the future? Have we abandoned the concepts of universal knowledge and objectivity for good? Does the ever-increasing ethical scrutiny of scientists’ work reflect a more responsible attitude to competing interests or an unhelpful politicalisation of science?

Science, Knowledge and Humanity brings together scientists, writers and commentators from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss these questions.

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