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Save Kids’ TV

7:00pm, Thursday 15 March 2007, Please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you would like to attend.

Ofcom has just published rules which decide what foods are considered “junk” and these foods will be banned from being advertised during children’s’ programmes this year. This will have a serious impact on commercial channels being able to continue funding children’s television.
On top of this commercial broadcasters are reacting to changes in children’s’ viewing patterns by limiting their production of new, innovative children’s’ programmes. This is happening in a climate when children watching TV is being blamed for autism, obesity and the early onset of puberty for girls.


Estelle Hughes - Save Kids’ TV campaign, ex-Controller of CITV
Estelle will examine how we make a case for quality UK children’s TV in the present climate


Starving kids’ TV of funds - and fun, Claire Fox, spiked-online - Read the report on banning junk food advertising