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Is education educating yet?

Frank Furedi discussed his book Wasted: why education isn't educating.

7:00pm, Monday 13 December 2010, London

In Wasted Frank Furedi argues that the politicisation of education has diverted the energies of schools and teachers away from their key role of the transmission of collective knowledge. But when the search for truth has been brought into question in so many fields of enquiry, is it really possible - or worthwhile - to define which body of knowledge should be transmitted? And in today’s information age isn’t it more important to ‘learn how to learn’ than slog it out with traditional subjects? And what is wrong with schools playing some role in delivering the values of the ‘Big Society’ we now live in - as well as, or even instead of, teaching subjects?


Frank Furedi, professor of sociology, University of Kent, Canterbury; author, Wasted, Politics of Fear and Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?

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