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IoI at the Edinburgh Festival

IoI and Culture Wars at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Club

2:00pm, Thursday 10 August 2000, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Club, Mackenzie Building, Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh

Last year’s groundbreaking Culture Wars debates in London and Edinburgh raised many questions yet to be resolved. Conflicts between artistic excellence and artistic accessibility stand in stark contrast to one another. At the same time, new culture wars are visible on the horizon.

These issues are of particular importance to those who participate in the Edinburgh festivals, whether as performers, writers or audience. There is widespread nervousness about the fate of live performance in the wake of film. TV and new media: reviewers stand accused of losing their critical faculties when assessing artistic merits: live theatre stands accused of becoming derivative. dull and dashing with alleged audience demands.

Culture Wars at Edinburgh Fringe Club will explore these issues, among others, while developing further the most cutting-edge critique of contemporary cultural values.

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