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Education Forum at ResearchED 2017

9:00am, Saturday 9 September 2017, Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Lane, Newham, E20 1BD

The IoI Education Forum is running a series of discussions at the ResearchED annual conference.

Discussions include:

When the maths hit the fan: what do the GCSE results really mean?

Post-Brexit MFL: which language should pupils learn now?

Sex education – Does teaching consent do more harm than good?

Is it time to resist calls for more mental health interventions in education?

See also: lecture slides by Dr Jennie Bristow

Speakers included:

Louise Fahey, Dr Joanna Williams, Kevin Rooney, Dr Jennie Bristow, Gareth Sturdy Dr Jennie Golding, Dr Sara Humphries, Joanne Morgan, Cara Bleiman, Tomas White, Jessica Lund, Zanna Wing-Davey.

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