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Raking over old bones: Darwinism on trial

7:00pm, Wednesday 10 May 2006, Contact for more information.

Darwin’s theory of evolution, probably the most far reaching scientific breakthrough of the nineteenth century seems to be under attack now almost more than when Darwin first proposed it. From Islamic scholars to the Intelligent Design movement in the US, there seems to be a concerted attack on Darwinism.

But is this really the return of God? Are the gaps in the fossil record big enough to let religion back into nature? Is there anything new in the modern creationists’ argument? Or does the replaying of a 150 year old argument tell us more about a collapse of faith in science?

Why after all in Britain, where creationism is at best a minor preoccupation, does the merest mention of creationism create such a panic amongst the proponents of science? What is science really scared of?


Introduced by Dave Perks

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