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Coming of age in a crisis

Join us for this discussion on the future for 'Gen Z' after the pandemic.

7:00pm, Wednesday 27 May, online, via Zoom

It is already clear that the Covid-19 crisis will have huge social and economic implications all round, but it is likely to have a particular impact on the generation currently coming of age: the demographic currently known as ‘Generation Z’.

A generation that was already considered to be teetering on the brink of an uncertain political, economic, and environmental future now finds itself entering an adulthood in which nothing can be taken for granted; where continuous crisis management is already presented as the ‘new normal’. The situation raises some urgent questions for young people themselves, and for the adults steering them through.

Jennie Bristow and her daughter, Emma Gilland, will discuss their investigations into the effect of lockdown on ‘the Corona generation’.