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Chavs into haves - should private schools be banned?

7:00pm, Monday 22 February 2010, London

This forum will discuss and explore the question of whether we really need private education in British schools.

With an election looming, now is surely the time to get to the heart of the inequalities and peculiarities of the British education system – and the politicians it has produced! Should private schools be abolished so that we all get the same low quality education? Or is there something distinctively high quality about private schools – like Mr. Chips - that is worth defending and extending to all? Kevin Rooney, our main speaker at this month’s forum, recently argued for the abolition of private schools in The Times ‘Schoolgate’ column, and generated the biggest ever response to an article on that site.

However, is private education really as good as it seems? And is it really possible - or desirable - to get a private education for all? And is the local bog standard state comprehensive - no chips allowed - really that bad? Professor Dennis Hayes of the University of Derby will respond to Kevin’s arguments.


Kevin Rooney, teacher
Prof. Dennis Hayes, University of Derby

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