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Can we still make the case for subjects?

Arguing for a subject-centred education

7:00pm, Monday 15 November 2010, If you wish to attend please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or ring Mark Taylor on 07841733746.

If you are interested in discussing the future of education the idea of a subject-centred curriculum and what it means today cannot be avoided. Whilst the current Lib-Con coalition nominally supports a return to subject-centred teaching, there is in fact little coherence or sense of direction to their educational strategy. The essays stand against the pessimism of much contemporary educational policy by arguing that subject-centred education should be defended as a method of transmitting knowledge and understanding to new generations. Furthermore, the essays argue that transmitting knowledge should be driven by an aspiration to create a society of truly educated citizens, in order to foster greater intellectual autonomy and freedom for everybody.