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Battle of Ideas satellite events 2019

The festival continues across the UK and Europe.

7:00pm, Monday 2 December 2019, Across the UK and Europe.

Alongside our two-day festival at the Barbican, we have a two-month programme of events that takes debate and the spirit of the festival to cities around the Europe and the UK.

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Tuesday 12 November, London
Comedy Unleashed

Tuesday 12 November, Porto
Can we deplore the artist, but love the art?

Thursday 14 November, Milan
Future of the EU: the death of Euroscepticism?

Thursday 14 November, Derby
Is ‘toxic masculinity’ dangerous in the academy?

Monday 18 November, London
The Education Culture Wars: what should be the role of a school today?

Monday 18 November, Athens
From youth councils to ‘school strike’: are kids taking over politics?

Tuesday 19 November, Athens
The rise of toxic politics: can we be civil?

Wednesday 20 November, Dublin
Nature, nuture, neither or both? What neuroscience can and cannot tell us

Thursday 21 November, Swansea
Children’s well-being: the state versus parents?

Saturday 23 November, Berlin
Battle of Ideas Berlin
A day of debates on three high-profile issues:
· The fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years on: is Germany divided again?
· Genes, sex and sport: should Caster Semenya be allowed to compete?
· How can we deal with the climate emergency?

Thursday 28 November, Oxford
The rise of toxic politics: can we be civil?

Thursday 28 November, Derby
By erasing the past, are universities racialising the campus?

Thursday 28 November, Liverpool
Northern heartlands: myth or reality?

Saturday 30 November
Battle of Ideas Stockholm
The sixth Battle of Ideas Stockholm, in partnership with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, features debates on four of the key issues of our time:
· Europe divided: populism and the new political identities
· The new superpower: how will the rise of China change the world?
· Can public-service journalism survive the culture wars?
· Generation wars: are the young being left out of their future?

Monday 2 December, London
A manifesto for optimism?

Monday 2 December, London
William Blake: poet of liberty and the human potential