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Are we heading for another crisis?

6:30pm, Tuesday 30 June 2015, Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH

Part of the Justice, Money and Power series at the City of London Festival 2015.

Western politicians nervously talk up signs of economic recovery after the financial crisis, with many buoyed by falling oil prices. Yet a return to the boom years seem a long way off, and there are fears that insecurity in emerging markets (especially China) could plunge the East into crisis, and take the West with it. Have we learned the lessons of the crisis or simply stumbled through? Is the UK better equipped for another shock, or is crisis around the corner?


Lesley Curwen
financial broadcaster, BBC Radio 4

John Mills
founder & chairman, JML; co-author, Call to Action: Britain’s economic problems and how they can be solved

Phil Mullan
economist; author, The Imaginary Time Bomb

Rob Lyons
science & technology director, Academy of Ideas