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America the rich?

Angus Kennedy introduced a discussion on America the rich?: looking at the the material realities of poverty in America today, the immiseration of the masses and asking whatever happened to trickle-down theory.

2:00pm, Sunday 25 April 2010, Please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you would like to attend.

Some questions to think about with the readings:

Is America really becoming two nations? One poor, one rich? Are the rich stealing from the poor to finance their lifestyles?
If productivity has been growing in America in the last decade, are the benefits trickling down across society as a whole? If not, why not?
If they are, what explains supposed rises in poverty and long-term unemployment?
Are demographic shifts a key factor to consider in explaining changes in income distribution?
What about gender? Have women benefited at the expense of men?
If economic growth is to the benefit of all, how come many are working longer hours, taking two jobs and so much in debt?


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