Friday 30 September 2016, Rossa Minogue

Battle Cry: Timandra Harkness on Big Data

Max Sanderson profiles writer, broadcaster and comedian Timandra Harkness

Thursday 22 September 2016, Rossa Minogue

After Ferguson: policing and race in America

Podcast: Recorded at the Battle of ideas 2015.

Friday 16 September 2016, Rossa Minogue

How will we feed Britain after Brexit?

Rob Lyons speaks to Dr Guy Smith from the National Farmers Union

Friday 9 September 2016, Rossa Minogue

Three snapshots of the Age of Enlightenment

Podcast: Three short lectures on Isaac Newton, John Milton and Enlightenment coffee houses and salons

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Sportler, wehrt Euch gegen das Anti-Doping Regelwerk!

Thursday 25 April, 7pm, Café Manstein, Mansteintr. 4, 10783 Berlin-Schöneberg (Nahe S+U Yorckstr.)